Hiltz Equipment Ashland N.H.

"I like working at JHEI where you are valued more as a family member than an employee! Secondly, I like rolling onto a job knowing your company has a great reputation for high quality and production of work."
- Jason Hughes, Superintendent, 12 yrs

"Working at JHEI is more than just a job. From day one you gain a family, everyone is always there to help you through a problem that may arise on your day to day job. We work together to get the jobs done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality of work. The sense of pride I have working here is irreplaceable." "I just had my anniversary and couldn't be happier!"
- Taylor Lyford, Project Manager Assistant, 2 yrs

Taylor Lyford

"Great People, Great Company, Great place to be!"
- Dan Beauchene, Supervisor, 7 yrs

"Working at JHEI means being part of a dynamic team that almost instantly becomes family. We share great passion for our work. We pride ourselves in putting forth every effort to make sure all jobs, big and small, are done efficiently and are of the utmost quality."
- Will Hess, General Manager, 4 yrs

Will Hess

"I really like the fact that we always have top of the line equipment & technology to work with. The atmosphere is great too. I like working with a company that employs family members; it gives my dad and I a lot more time together since we are both here and have been for a long time!"
- Tracy Fellows, Operator, 17 yrs

"The things I like most about working for this company are that I come to work with the greatest bunch of guys every day! We all have the same goal in mind which is to achieve a high quality product to make our customer and boss proud!"
- Chris Mooney, Operator, 11yrs

Chris Mooney

"I appreciate the opportunity to express to you that these last 14 years at JHEI have been the most rewarding of my 47 years of earthwork construction. JHEI has built an un equipped reputation for excellence throughout the state of NH and beyond as attested to by the many clients who have come to know Jeremy and his staff. Certainly, one of my proudest moments will always be our receiving the prestigious designation of North America's 2014 Contractor of the year!"
- Steve Garland, Superintendent, 15 yrs

"I left the corporate world to go work for Jeremy, best decision I ever made. I not only get to do what I love, I get to do it with a lot of great people. Working at JHEI is not only a job, it is a family. I can't say enough about Jeremy and the company he built. Jeremy, thank you for adding me to your family."
- Wendy Metivier, Office Manager, 4 yrs

Wendy Metivier

"The reason I like working with JHEI is because I have had a lot of opportunity to move up in the company. Since I showed an interest in what I was doing I was taught more! They will take the time to teach you new things if you want to learn."
- Cody DeGrace, Laborer, 6 yrs

"July 9, 2001 I remember like it was yesterday. I was 62 years old. Jeremy is very demanding and rewarding! He has treated me like family & during tough times it really counts. I used to be truck boss, but when I couldn't keep up Jeremy created a job better suited to me. He is committed and he is the best!"
- Leo Robitaille, 17 yrs

Leo Robitaille
Equipment World

"I have always surrounded myself with good people, and knowing that has kept me going."
- Jeremy Hiltz

"He's out there in the trenches with the troops, working alongside his employees, making sure everything is perfect. He genuinely cares about the people who work for him. All of his employees take pride in the company."
- Andy Davis